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Gastro – Riviera

Funtana has less than one thousand inhabitants, but almost every house offers private accommodation, or has a tavern, a bar, or a restaurant. The concentration of guest facilities in this area is so heavy that it has no competition from any other area of Istria, and Funtana is often called “the little gastronomic littoral”! And […]

Istrian Wine Roads

Created as roadmaps through the richness of Istrian wines, the wine roads represent routes along which you may find local producers’ cellars and taste and buy a few delicious drops.

In so doing the autochthonous cultivars Istrian malvazija and teran are excellent choice; however cellars have plenty of other cultivars as well. The signs along the road will guide you to the winemakers, although there are specialised guidebooks available at tourist points.

Taking advantage of their hospitality one may taste and buy excellent Istrian wines!

Olive Oil

The olive oil from the Istrian area tempts the gourmets from ancient times. Even today, olive oil seizes the attention of gastronomic connoisseurs, and remains a synonym for quality, and the favourite choice for all who seek premium food. Istrian olive oils are sorted among the best ones in the world – since they are […]

Spaghetti with Mussels

– for 4 persons – preparation time: 45 minutes Preparation: Clean and wash the mussels thoroughly, clean and chop the garlic and parsley into tiny pieces. Boil spaghetti in salt water. Put the mussels in a pot with warm oil, and when they open, strain them and keep the water (for the broth). Fry garlic […]

Grouper Soup

– for 4 persons: Preparation: Clean, wash and rinse the grouper. Put the oil in a large and shallow pan and fry the chopped parsley and garlic briefly. Then add the tomatoes sliced into pieces. Salt it, pepper it and put it to cook. Add the grouper and more water to make sure it is […]

Istrian Fish Soup

– for 4 persons Preparation: Clean the fish thoroughly, and cut it into pieces if it’s too big. Clean the squids and cuttlefish, and cut them into cubes at a “mouthful” size. Wash the shrimps and leave them whole. Salt everything, pepper it, and sprinkle it with lemon juice and leave it for a little […]

Istrian Jota

– for 4 persons – preparation time: 3-4 hours Pre-preparation: Clean and wash the beans, and then leave them to soak for 12 hours Preparation: Take the beans out of the water in which they have been soaking and put them into cold water to boil. When this starts to boil, strain it and put […]

Gastro Riviera

Discover the charm of small restaurants and taverns where you sit under an arbor or close to a fireplace…

Restaurants and Taverns

In a small tourist village Funtana there are about fifty catering establishments. Here you can find restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops and bars. Many hearts have been cheered by the abundance and the variety on the table. People in Istria have always approached the table with respect and the recipes for some meals have been improved […]

Istrian Specialties

In Funtana, right by the sea, you can taste delicious fish and fish dishes that match perfectly with the famous white and red Istrian wines. The meat dishes are not less worthy, especially the barbecued ones and the game meat, perfect for the “žgvacet” (typical Istrian stew) to match perfectly with fuži, the queen of […]

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