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Croatia is an Adriatic and central European country, placed between the Danube on the Northeast, Istria on the west and Boka Kotorska on the Southeast. Its land covers 56.538 square kilometers, and its sea 31.900 square kilometers. According to the 2001 census it counts 4,5 million inhabitants. Zagreb, the capital city, is populated by approximately a million people.

Istria, the largest peninsula (3.160 square kilometers) of the Adriatic, which is a part of the Mediterranean, penetrates deep into central Europe, between the Alps and the Dinaric Mountains, and its position makes of it a natural gate to the Adriatic. Due to the Mediterranean climate, it never snows during winters, the summers are long, sunny and warm. Istria is one of the sunniest oases in Europe. It is cut by the 45th parallel and by the 14th meridian. Three types of soil differ three parts of the peninsula -White, Red and Grey Istria. Numberless natural bays and islands, richness of shapes, the evergreen vegetation, cultivated fields and the harmony of the urbanized land offer the specific picturesque countryside.

Funtana is located in the heavenly created seaside area which is lapped by the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. This is the closest warm sea to the continental Europe yearning for flavours and colours of the Mediterranean. And the clearest part of the Mediterranean is exactly the Croatian sea. In Funtana the holiday makers can enjoy the beautiful indented shore with countless coves, cliffs and a string of islets that embraces the village. The sea is exceptionally rich of flora and fauna. And what about the climate? The climate is gentle, Mediterranean, with an average temperature of +5 Celsius degrees in the coldest period, January, and +28 Celsius degrees in the warmest, August. The sleep is therefore relaxing both in winter and in summer; there is no freezing cold or suffocating heat. The bathing season lasts from May till October.

The West coast of Istria has an average of 2 000 sunny hours a year. The most frequent winds are bora, sirocco and mistral. Bora mainly blows in the winter from the continent to the sea and it brings colder weather, sirocco blows from the sea to the continent and it brings cloudy weather and rain, while mistral, which blows from the sea in the summer, is a breeze that brings nice refreshment.

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