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Park Histria Aromatica

Park Histria Aromatica

Histria Aromatica is situated on a hill near the village Golaš near Bale. It is a spacious arboretum and a kind of theme park about indigenous, healing, aromatic and spicy Mediterranean herbs.

Beautiful fields of lavender, mint, chamomile, marigold, sage, as well as the olive grove and vineyard reminiscent of the old rural households which are typical for Istrian region. Around the hills and between the terraces the dry walls were built, there are the renewed walking paths, as well as the rest areas. There is a view from the top of the hill towards the entire Rovinj and Vodnjan coastal area and from the other side there is a view towards Učka.

The arboretum Histria Aromatica presents the woods in Istria and meadows with its typical trees, plants and animals. Don’t miss to take a walk to the cave where you will find out more about its specificity on a constant temperature of 12 C throughout the year and find out that it’s an ideal position for the original wine tasting and olive oil.

Visit the Karst Cave (Smokvina) which is unique because from the centre of the pit, the depth of 7m, there is a fig which is growing for 120 years and beares very tasty fruits. It is surrounded by a stone amphitheater which is a classroom in the open.

The park offers plenty of events – workshops and educations, museum, galenical laboratory, school in the nature for elementary, high school and university students, concerts and the local souvenirs offer, as well as the herbal products  which are produced in an original way.

The goal of staying in the park is to awake the human senses and comprehension: the scent, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Scents and spices have healing and vitalizing effect. Medicinal and aromatic plants can be tasted in various delicacies at the outdoor and indoor space which depends on the season.

Opening hours:
09:00 – 19:00 h

Duration of the tour:
1-1.5 h

Ticket price:
Individual visits: 75 kn (10,00 euro)
Groups (min.20 persons): 60 kn (8,00 euro) per person


Park Histria Aromatica
Pižanovac bb, Golaš
52 352 Kanfanar
Bioaromatica d.o.o.
T: +385 (0)52 355 044

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