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Spaghetti with Mussels

– for 4 persons
– preparation time: 45 minutes

Clean and wash the mussels thoroughly, clean and chop the garlic and parsley into tiny pieces. Boil spaghetti in salt water. Put the mussels in a pot with warm oil, and when they open, strain them and keep the water (for the broth).

Fry garlic and parsley on olive oil, add the cleaned mussels and a little broth and sprinkle with white wine. Add salt and pepper to the sauce, scatter the bread crumbs all over and finally add the spaghetti. Cook all together for a few more moments.

•    1 kg of mussels
•    320 g of spaghetti
•    0,7 dl of olive oil
•    0,2 dl of oil
•    30 g of garlic
•    15 g of parsley
•    1 dl of white wine
•    25 g of bread crumbs
•    salt and pepper to taste

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