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Recently renovated, with significantly elevated standards, attractive beaches with proudly waving Blue Flags…

Do you love a vacation in total harmony with nature? Do you dream of campsites set right by the sea, far away from the city rush, close to an…


Sail and put out to sea amidst the blue infinity, a sequence of many wild islets with ringing names like Altež, Orada, Frižitali, Reverol, Tovarjež, Bili Školj, Školjić‡, Tuf, Figarola will appear in front of you – a splendour of virgin bays close to ideal sailing, with crystal clear waters for bathing and with underwater world that peacefully and faithfully guards the many secrets of times long past.

If you are interested in archaeology and also fond of diving, make your way to the Roman site close to Cape Zorna, or dive into the hydro-archaeological site close to the shallow waters of Kupa, the islets of Altež and Školjić‡, or Jazbinka Bay. The exciting world of antiquities will be literally within your reach…


The legend has it that the background of the entire story was an unhappy love and a fight for the hand of a beauty from Funtana

There is a saying that Mediterranean towns live more from their memories than other towns and that their history is more important than their present.


Water means life. Funtana, whose name meaning spring, is a place where you can hear the babble of water in its very name.

Water means life. And Funtana, whose name comes from the Latin word fons or fonticus, meaning spring, is a place where you can hear the babble of water in its very name.



Funtana – a popular tourist destination blessed with mild climate, clean sea, and a bathing season that lasts from May to October, only a few hours’ drive from all of the major European capitals.

It is located on such an attractive and well-indented coastline that runs from Zelena laguna near Poreč to Valkanela close to Vrsar, so tourism seemed to be the ideal activity.

Well known campings, the tourist village and the hotels Funtana and Delfin, are the favourite destination for many tourists, offering a wide range of attractions and guest facilities.

Probably the best witnesses to the quality of this tourist destination and its long tradition are the satisfied faces of visitors who come here in ever growing numbers each year, bestowing on Funtana the title of “the most touristic little town on the Adriatic“…



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