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Istrian Specialties

In Funtana, right by the sea, you can taste delicious fish and fish dishes that match perfectly with the famous white and red Istrian wines. The meat dishes are not less worthy, especially the barbecued ones and the game meat, perfect for the “žgvacet” (typical Istrian stew) to match perfectly with fuži, the queen of the Istrian pasta, and njoki.

As the first course we suggest the famous Istrian ham – pršut, as well as sheep – milk cheese, omelettes with truffles, wild asparagus or mushrooms.

The Istrian kitchen is said to be poor with ingredients, but nobody has ever complained about the flavour of the meal he tasted. When it comes to modest ingredients, a very high position in the classic Istrian cuisine is occupied by the wheat and maize flour.

Lazanje, pasutice, makaruni, pljukanci, ravioli… at the end of it, this is just pasta. What can we spice it with? Just toasted bacon or a milk topping will make it, but it is most enjoyable with žgvacet, a sauce made with the meat of domestic chicken, deer or rabbit.

Fish and seafood

Fish can be served stewed, broiled, grilled or fried. In Istria they say one can eat fish three times a day, and never in the same way.

So: fish soup, crab salad, fresh oyster, shell stew, shrimp cocktail, shellfish risotto, roasted grouper, barbecued goldfish…

You can find this delicious mouthful of sea specialties in numerous restaurants of Funtana.

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