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In Poreč turn right towards Baderna. You will be passing by villages of curious names: Varvari, Buići, Musalež, Kadumi, Ladrovići, Žbandaj, Katun… Right before Baderna there is a crossing that brings you to the road connecting Pula and Trieste, and you have to proceed right towards Pula.

Sveti Lovreč was the center of the Venetian army force in Istria during the times of the Venetian rule. In that period its name was Sveti Lovreč Pazenatički. You have to stop before riding down to the shores of the Lim Channel. There is a beautiful view of the broad sea bay, a sea flooded karst valley that looks like a fiord. Due to the preserved environment in the clear waters of the bay, fish, date shells and oysters are breed.

Continuing down the road we turn towards Bale, the medieval town dominated by the church of St. Julian and the castle. There are only 10 more kilometers to Vodnjan and 20 to Pula from here.

Vodnjan‘s church of St. Blaise is the largest in Istria and its bell tower is the tallest in the region. The church is housing a collection of sacral art and Istrian mummies – preserved bodies of saints.

What is there to say about Pula? Besides being the largest town of the peninsula, not too long ago large ships were being built here. Pula is a town of a millennial tradition, proud of its open-air antique museum. The most famous of its monuments is the widely known and unique Roman Colosseum – Arena.

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